Meet This Year’s 90/10: The Riflemen

The 2008 Everyday Joe’s 90/10 Benefit is just a little bit away! The annual show to benefit Everyday Joe’s will feature Dan Craig, The Riflemen, Aaron Espe, and LIfeboat Etiquette. In order to be properly prepared to enjoy the evening, we’ll spend the next few weeks introducing the artists to you. This week: The Riflemen

Rifles. They go bang. Sometimes they may just have a flag that pops out the end of them that states the action of “bang.”

Men who fire rifles. They can be referred to as Riflemen. Except in this case. I’m not sure any of the fellows you’re about to encounter have ever fired a rifle. A couple of them have respectable facial hair that might make them a respectable addition to any regiment, but that’s it. They do fire musical instruments at your hearing capabilities. What’s more, they look good doing it and it sounds nice.

Here’s a picture for proof of good looks:


See? What did I tell you. And that’s not even the whole band. Add Tyler Kellogg on drums (he’s wearing a shirt and tie most waking moments) and Jonathan Alonzo on bass (he’s wearing at LEAST a t-shirt at most waking moments), and you have the next cover of Tiger Beat.

Now here are some songs to cement my claims of nice sounding audio rounds fired at you:

“Notes Upon A Page” (live on KRFC)

“Cowboy” (live on KRFC)

Upon finishing that last song, I’m sure you’re in the mood to: a) hit the floor or b) watch some clips from the old television series The Rifleman. Well, I’ve got you covered. And the video below is even better if you listen to “Cowboy” while watching him do his business.

Now, go buy your tickets to the Everyday Joe’s 90/10 Benefit Concert on December 6. They are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. You can buy them at Everyday Joe’s or online here.

Just one more week to go! Next week I’ll introduce Dan Craig to those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of making his aquaintance. He believes in moustaches, beards, mandolins, and overall good feelings.



~ by The Communiqué on November 26, 2008.

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  2. […] Meet This Year’s 90/10: The Riflemen […]

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