She’s Crafty: Handmade Militia Holiday Craft Fair

Any assemblance of good design will catch my eye…especially in poster or flier form. We have no shortage of posters & fliers here at 144 S. Mason – promoting both our events and others around town. What’s more exciting than assemblance of good design though, is when the good design is promoting something good and exciting and worthwhile…though I guess that is subjective. But not here. My iron fist is down on the table.

The other day I was perusing the community events board and noticed this little diddy:

Oh, the holiday craft fair. Hand-knit tea cozies, clothes-pin Rudolph tree ornaments, pine cones with glitter glued on here and there. More often than not, if I see a sign for a holiday craft fair I make ever y effort to immediately head in the opposite direction. Especially before the better half sees the advert.

BUT WAIT! You, Handmade Militia, have charmed me. Charmed me with your wonderful poster and cursive writing. It’s good to see things like this popping up in Fort Collins, and I give my whole-hearted ringing endorsement of this craft fair, though that endorsement most likely holds little clout with anyone. Either way, go to the craft fair and support local folks by purchasing their handmade goods. Plus, Cafe Ardour will be serving beverages and we love them as well.

It’ll be crafty like ice is cold. Details:

Handmade Militia Holiday Craft Fair

December 13, 11 am – 7 pm

Gallery Underground, 109 Linden in Oldtown Square



~ by The Communiqué on November 24, 2008.

2 Responses to “She’s Crafty: Handmade Militia Holiday Craft Fair”

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  2. […] Back in November, we became quite excited about the Handmade Militia…a group of local artisans celebrating all things handmade and even hosting seasonal markets to sell the product of their handiwork. […]

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