Meet This Year’s 90/10: Lifeboat Etiquette

The 2008 Everyday Joe’s 90/10 Benefit is coming soon! The annual show to benefit Everyday Joe’s will feature Dan Craig, The Riflemen, Aaron Espe, and LIfeboat Etiquette. In order to be properly prepared to enjoy the evening, we’ll spend the next few weeks introducing the artists to you. This week: Ryan Hollen…aka Lifeboat Etiquette.

The lifeboat. It saves some people. The Titanic didn’t have enough of them. This one has a substantial and respectable beard.

Exhibit A:


And Exhibit B:


What does the beard matter, though? Shouldn’t this be about this man’s tunes? Not his fantastic facial hair? Indeed. But you see, bearded troubadours have a penchant for making music that is listenable exponentially… i.e. Iron & Wine, Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver, and ZZ Top.

Fortunately for the world, Lifeboat Etiquette and his beard are no exception. The Fort Collins native is quite good, and thanks to the good people at the Internet, we have audio and video as evidence.

Please watch Red Threads:

Then, listen to Eye For Composition (or listen first then watch…whatever you’re into).

Now, go buy your tickets to the Everyday Joe’s 90/10 Benefit Concert on December 6. They are $10 in advance and $12 at the door. You can buy them at Everyday Joe’s or online here.

Next week we’ll meet Aaron Espe. He’s a nice fellow.


everyday joe’s

p.s.- Ryan proposed to his future wife (& also a musician) Baily Stauffer front & center at the Sigur Ros concert at Red Rocks. Legit.



~ by The Communiqué on November 12, 2008.

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