The 2008 Everyday Joe’s 90/10 Benefit

An exciting and important time in the yearly cycle of Everyday Joe’s has come upon us – The Everyday Joe’s 90/10 Benefit. It’s actually a little later in the cycle this year than in the past…but I do believe that is a good thing.

Cycles…they indicate change. Transition. Life and death. It is happening with the beetles and the pine trees. Things have to reset so new things can begin.

Each year, the 90/10 Benefit is meant to be a musical picture of what Everyday Joe’s stands for. That is, community and relationships and the fostering and nurturing of those things. The last three years (this will mark benefit numero four), this picture has been accomplished by drawing upon a community of musicians that helped to establish the musical foundation of Everyday Joe’s. Many of them were from Boulder & Louisville: Trace Bundy, Katie Herzig, The Blackthorn Project, and Aaron Strumpel to name a few.

Some from other places: Listener, Luke Flowers, Paul Pavlik.

And good friends from Fort Collins: Josh Dillard, Winderous Igloos, DJ Shaggz, The Igloos.

These folks, along with the hundreds of others that have played the stage at 144 S. Mason on a Friday or Saturday night, have resulted in the growing of quite a musical family tree. What’s more fantastic is that the tree continues to grow and sprout new branches. The beetles have not gotten to this tree yet.

2008 at Everyday Joe’s has been marked by transition. Many of the musicians who began their careers playing here a few times a year have now found regional & national & international success. Having them play here once or twice a year is now a treat. This has also made room for more musicians to make their way into the building and climb onto the tree and carve out their place as part of the family. Now that they’re here, it seems like they always have been.

At this point, it is proper and appropriate to present you with the pertinent information concerning the 2008 Everyday Joe’s 90/10 Benefit. Artistic representation is the most pleasant way to do this. Observe:

See, a tree. All that talk of trees and cycles did not go unwarranted.

Tickets are on sale now at Everyday Joe’s and online soon via In the coming month, we will introduce the musicians to you one by one so you can have opportunity to grasp their goodness before they blow your mind.

We will see you all soon. Thank you for being part of the Everyday Joe’s family. You each have a branch on the tree.

everyday joe’s


~ by The Communiqué on November 4, 2008.

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